Life is Filled with Miracles

Life is filled with miracles. So often we forget, or perhaps we don’t notice. But sometimes they smack us right in the heart and there is no denying it.

I’d like to share a beautiful story with you, a miracle.

Many moons ago, I was connected with my lovely and gifted friend, Candice. We were young, creating lots of art, going through lots of heartbreak, but hopeful and excited about our lives and what we were creating. I always knew Candice to be very deeply and profoundly connected to the realm of Spirit. She is a painter, but once I remember her writing a piece of music that was so hauntingly beautiful. I asked, “How did you do that?”, since I didn’t know she was a musician. She said, “I contacted the Spirits". Ah, yes. I get it. We are always receiving messages if we are open and listening.

Candice moved away and we had fallen out of touch for many years. A couple years ago, she appeared on Facebook, and I was delighted to get a glimpse into her magical world. She often posted about her work, and I was always excited to see it. She lives her art.

Just a few months ago, out of the blue I received a message from her. She wanted to gift me with a painting. It came at a time when I was feeling very disconnected from my friends, Spirit, and music (my own unintentional doing). Music and spirit go hand in hand, as to be "inspired" is to be with Spirit- so that was no surprise. Connecting with Candice in this way, and having her remember our past together with enough fondness that she would want to gift ME with a painting really sent me on my way to reconnecting with my spirituality and creative nature. As if that wasn't enough of a beautiful gift in and of itself, it gets so much better.

Some back story…

My mother decided to take up painting in the last few years of her life. She passed in 2011, at the young age of 62. We have her paintings to cherish in her memory.

I don’t share this often, because I am aware that it sounds crazy. Shortly after my mother passed, she came to me in song. It was a night where I had three possible sets of plans, all which fell through, and I was left home alone with my piano. I hadn’t gone to the piano since she passed, because I was too afraid of what I would find there-what I would find inside myself.

The song is called “Butterfly”. Writing it with my mother was the most profound and healing experience I have ever had. It was an intense ride that I couldn’t escape until it was over. I cried through the entire process, and simply allowed her to come through.

Shortly thereafter, blue butterflies seemed to find me, or perhaps I became more aware of them. They became a symbol of my mother; a sign that her spirit was alive and looking after me, as she conveyed to me in the song.

Stay with me…

When Candice asked me what kind of painting I would like, I was vague. I told her that I was aware that she and I created in the same way, following Divine Guidance. I was more interested in what Candice would naturally create rather than trying to direct it in any way. I knew I would love it no matter what.

A few months later, Candice sent me a photo of her completed painting.

That same week...

I was visiting my beautiful Aunt Frani, one of my mother’s two wonderful sisters. On her wall hung one of my mother’s paintings. I stood in disbelief. I won’t say why….I am simply going to show you the two paintings and you will understand.

Mom's Painting

Candice's Painting

I shared my mother’s painting, along with the butterfly story with Candice. Her response:

“Gina, oh my goodness!! I’m blown away. I’ve recently been fully embracing communication with the other side and am getting messages from those who have passed. This is the most incredible confirmation of my current life path. I’m so honored to be part of this. You’ve given me the most incredible gift by sharing this with me. Can’t even tell you. Thank you. I’m in tears at the beauty of it all. So much love. So powerful. The similarity in her painting is absolutely astounding.”

I am so moved by the power and beauty of this. I hope that it helps confirm that there is so much more to this life than we can ever know while we are here. This is a wonderful glimpse into a world that we just can’t explain. I hope it offers some connection for you as well.

Happy Heavenly birthday to my beautiful Mother.

With so much love, comfort...and perhaps some butterflies too,


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