This is a song about mercy and hope.

Have you ever been having yourself a lovely day, floating blissfully in the ocean...and then out of nowhere you got completely wiped out by a monster wave you did not see coming? And then, as you finally came up for air, happy to be alive and taking that next breath, you got knocked over AGAIN? So your waterlogged self desperately tried to get out of that fierce and relentless personal attack...but wave after wave after wave just kept knocking you down until you finally collapsed on the shore with a giant mouthful of sand? (and then maybe you even got hammered one more sweet time, just for good measure)?

Have you ever had a year like that?

Well, if you haven't yet, you probably will. C'est la vie.

Remember that game you used to play as a kid, where your friend did something to get you to say 'mercy' in order to win. Only you said 'mercy' and he didn't let go, he just kept hurting you. He was a mean kid. Sometimes life can feel pretty mean, cruel even.

For me, that year was no game. I won't go into many details-I prefer you relate this to your own journey. But I will share that things got very real and very intense. To say it was a sobering year is a colossal understatement.

One day as the dust was settling, I was sitting in my house surrounded by boxes upon boxes of years and years of accumulated 'stuff'. So much which was tangible, but the weight came from the reminders of that which was intangible. Feeling empty, still in shock, and paralyzed by that heavy mountain of chaos that was staring me down, I received a gift in the form of a text. My good friend, Mary, (who had had an equally terrible year) sent me this message:

"Do something for yourself today".

I looked over at my upright piano which stood naked and abandoned behind a million boxes in the corner. I decided to sit down. We reunited. She (my piano is female) gave me this song. It made me feel better. It's sort of a prayer, a wish, a lovely respite from those unforgiving knock downs from the mysterious ocean that is life.

Naturally, here I used a different metaphor to introduce the song than the one I used in the actual song. So imagine you are riding a bicycle...

It does get easier, by the way. There is this thing called GRACE, and it is very real. If someone had told me what was going to happen that year, I would have thought there is NO WAY I could get through something like that. Yet, I did. And you would too. Maybe you already have and so you understand.

I hope you enjoy the song. I hope it makes you feel a little better, too.

Video coming on Dec. 21st!!! Stay tuned :)

Be well, my dear friends. Thanks for reading/listening.

With Love, Gina

(please scroll down to listen/see lyrics)

The full album is available here:

CD Baby (eco-friendly packaging available directly from my website)




Gina Graves

You must think I’m brave

You must think I’m strong

Well, thank you for all your faith

But with all due respect

I’m done

With nothing left to give

I’ve pedaled with all my might

Now I see the top of the hill

And soon I’m going to glide


Seems like yesterday

Was a joyful and pleasant ride

But the path did go astray

And the lessons weren’t all too kind

Even a fool could see

It’d been coming for miles and miles

But I see the top of the hill

And soon I’m going to glide


Let it come, let it come

There’s a world I must seek

Let it come, let it come


I know it’s complicated

And I take it all in stride

But before I lose all faith

Tell me it’s time to glide

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