"Listen to Your Soul. She will bring you Light."

APRIL 2018 
And We Rise

Writing songs is truly a channeling experience, and it is what profoundly connects me with Source, or God, or The Divine Creator, Eternal Feminine Mother...or whatever you choose to call It. All I know is I am most definitely receiving and conveying (when it's going well, that is)...and that is what composing is to me, and why I do it. I consider sharing it through recordings and performances to be a great privilege.  I get all kinds of interesting gig offers, so to save you time...I should mention--I may not be the right fit for your dance party or taco night, since at my shows people often offer "I cried" as a sincere compliment (which, of course, I deeply appreciate). However, I would LOVE to chat with you to see if I might enhance your spiritual retreat, personal development workshop, yoga class, or anything up that alley.

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