"Listen to Your Soul. She will bring you light."

welcome, beautiful friend!

If you have found your way here, I believe it is no accident.  We are connected for a reason.

 We are the ones who honor every nuance.

We listen carefully.

We FEEL intensely.

We absorb.

We create.

We are the whisperers of the Truth.

The highly sensitive intuitive ones are a subtle yet powerful force in the undercurrent of miraculous souls working to create a shift in consciousness. With divine intention, we offer purity and love, purpose and authenticity. We are meant to prosper, and we are called forth to offer our unique and precious gifts. This music and all that is contained in this site exist as a humble drop in that miraculous current.


the ones who bring love and beauty and magic.

Our expression matters.

Our voices are a unique extension of the Divine.

May we allow their precious offerings.


And We Rise

Songs about redemption, gratitude, connection, dreams, hope, and ultimately Divine Love.

"Listen to Your Soul" Bangle Bracelet available too! Order both, if you wish :) 

Tap into Your Wellspring of Loveliness!

Dedicated to encouraging others in the pursuit of their dreams, nothing would bring me greater joy than to support you as you create the beautiful life you picture for yourself! Through music, coaching, blogging, or even a sweet bracelet that reminds you to 'Listen to your Soul', my hope is to encourage a little more love and beauty in this abundant universe where we are so blessed to live.

Join the Sacred Circle!

Let's expand this circle of beauty and light, creativity and awesomeness. I invite you to please come on in and make your *shining* self at home. We have goodies! Slip off your shoes and contact us with any of your questions and join our community for all the latest updates, inspiration, and so much more.

Thanks! Message sent.