"Listen to Your Soul. She will bring you light."

And We Rise original music CD. Eco friendly packaging! Songs of gratitude, hope, redemption, trials, and Divine Love.


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Sweet bangle bracelet! Sterling silver, 2 sizes, baby crystal and a beautiful message to serve as a powerful reminder. Limited edition.

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Music Performance

Hire Gina to perform a set of original music. Please submit your contact form here with inquiries. Beautifully enhance your event with songs of encouragement and inspiration. Available solo, acoustic band, or electric band. Specializing in personal development trainings, seminars, concerts, and spiritual gatherings.

Life Coaching

Work with Gina one on one! Certified in Strategic Intervention Coaching and Marriage Education/Divorce Prevention and under the mentorship of master therapist, Dr. John Snyder, with 25 years of experience in coaching and training students in the arts, Gina draws from a myriad of philosophies to meet your unique needs. Treat yourself to loving personalized guidance as you embark on your divine path and pursue your deepest desires.


There is a beautiful and profound course in the works. You will be deeply inspired to live your life in alignment with the callings of your soul. Sharing the wisdom in conversations with the great Master, Dr. John Snyder, we unlock the doors leading you back to your most authentic self, and help orient your life around what matters most-your truest desires.