Gina is a certified life coach

specializing in healthy relating, creativity, writer's flow, and overall wellness.

We live in a created universe.

We create our own perceptions and reflections. We see the beauty of nature; it is within us. We feel the beauty in music; it is within us. We arrange our own personal terrariums and we play inside. The world we see is a looking glass; we experience our own reflection in everything and everyone. There is tension and resolve; we make it so. Every now and again we catch a glimpse, the evidence of something greater and magnificent. That, too, is within us. We have been given the gift of choice. Every moment is an opportunity to create something new.


Choose well.

Why should you work with a life coach?

 You are unique.

Your situation is unique.

Your life path is unique.

Your experience is unique.

Imagine how it would feel to have a capable, unbiased, attentive, authentic and caring person in your corner helping you to achieve your highest goals. Books and courses can be wonderful and life changing; but I have found that having a highly experienced coach who can draw from the most powerful spiritual, practical and most profound teachings to help you along the way is truly an awakening. You can be powerful on your very own, but synergy is a beautiful thing. Sometimes we don't see how much potential we truly have. You can change things that are not working. I know it. I've done it. I've seen it over and over. And I know what happens to people who choose expedience over truth. It's not pretty.

You are a gift.

Your spirit is calling you to take charge of your precious life. 

Is Coaching for you?

...and are we a good match?

Working with an inspiring and authentic coach can be powerfully instrumental in creating effective strategies to bring out the best version of you.


  • You are seeking to find or strengthen your unique voice in the world 

  • You desire healthy relationships

  • You want to be in the creative flow

  • You struggle with confidence

  • You are an introvert hoping to shine that beautiful light of yours but aren't sure how

  • You are a perfectionist who holds back for fear of judgement

  • You are afraid to take the leap, so you and your mission remain invisible

  • You desire accountability

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  • have a knowing, an inner voice that is calling you, tugging at you...maybe even haunting you

  • desire more creative flow and energy

  • have dreams and desires you are stuffing down

  • accommodate the needs of others to the point where you feel depleted and resentful

  • feel guilty if you meet your own needs first

  • refrain from speaking up for yourself, fearful that you will lose your friends/job/significant other/family

  • keep your feelings/desires pent up, afraid that communicating them will create more tension than it's worth

  • procrastinate



  • learn how to effectively communicate your needs, while maintaining the loving gentle kindness that makes you YOU.

  • relieve yourself of the needless guilt you carry around

  • live a fully expressed, authentic life where YOU matter 

  • create authentic expressions from your Soul, in whatever medium you choose

  • learn simple, yet life-changing strategies to relate harmoniously with those who matter most to you.

  • learn techniques that apply to all forms of communication, and will show you how to beautifully speak your truth in all relationships.

  •  break unhealthy patterns in existing dynamics between yourself and others


  • Flowing, authentic, soulful creative expression

  • Freedom

  • Inner peace

  • Successful, healthy relationships.

  • JOY

  • A brand new confidence that breathes life into your way of being with others

  • A ‘holding onto yourself’ and your desires with grace and dignity

  • True empowerment, which will change how you carry yourself in every aspect of your precious life

Give yourself the gift of authentic expression. It will change your life. 

It would be my honor to work with you.

One-One Coaching

Apply to work with Gina! Receive authentic and soulful support, encouragement, and proven strategies to create the life experience you've been desiring. Please fill out your application and email it to with 'Application' in the subject line. No worries, this is just so I can get to know you :) It is completely confidential and will only be seen by me. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me (button below). Thank you!

Online Course

Coming soon! Powerfully insightful conversations with Dr. John Snyder on healthy relating and soulful living.