I am open

I seek beauty

I am a dreamer

I feel intensely

I love fiercely 

I listen

I notice

I appreciate

I am flexible

I love to create

I allow myself to be a vessel

I extend goodness

I cry when you are in pain

I withdraw when I am in pain

I trust what may come

I expand with every breath

I am imperfect

I try my best

I tell the truth

I ask too many questions

I try not to, but I want to know

I intend to honor the highest good

I am blessed with the precious gift of motherhood

I take nothing for granted

I care deeply for humans, animals, and nature

I assume you have something to teach me

I am not my resume

I intend to take more chances

I intend to make good choices

I offer my love freely

I am unresolved

I remain open